Friday, September 02, 2005

Decline of the Left in India

SABHA - 4M Report

as usual, on the money.

SABHA - 4M Report
Arvind Kumar, 02 Sep, 2005
Your regular dose of pseudosecularism
Repent ye sinners! The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!
The signs are clear. Statues have started coming to life in America and Europe. While a statue of Jesus blinked in New Jersey, another statue turned into flesh in Italy. Frenzied Christians have flocked to both places.
According to CBS, small crowds were gathering in Hoboken to "behold the sight." The statue also shed a tear.
Iris Rios says she’s walked past the sacred heart of Jesus many times and Christ’s eyes were closed. It was yesterday when someone pointed out to Julio Dones, a blind man, that that statues eyes had apparently opened. ... After yesterday’s discovery, word spread. People began to come to behold the sight. Some stories also spread of the statue’s eye shedding a tear. If you are not convinced that the blinking statue portends the return of Jesus Christ, read this report about a statue that turned into flesh and moved in Italy.
Parishioners in the town of Acerra, on the northern outskirts of Naples, recounted seeing the simple plaster and marble statue "become flesh" and move her legs "as if she wanted to approach us." A few years back, 'Virgin Mary' appeared in a sandwich.

Psudo-secularist exonerates perpetrators of genocide of Sikhs Harish Khare in the Chennai based China's National newspaper, The Hindu, argues that those who call for the arrest of the perpetrators of the 1984 genocide of Sikhs should "move beyond the politics of memory."
Above all, a society ought to move beyond the politics of memory. Justice Nanavati has failed civil society. Rather than firmly close the book, he has given enough ammunition to those who want to keep the pot boiling. For its part, the Congress has expiated its guilt by elevating a Sikh to the high office of Prime Minister of India.
Rashomon Effect In Akira Kurosawa's movie, Rashomon, four characters, including the spirit of the dead man, give four different accounts of a crime. JK of tells us of a similar effect in the case of Jagdish Tytler's resignation in the wake of his indictment in the 1984 genocide of Sikhs. Jagdish Tytler has one version, while reports about Sonia Gandhi and her puppet Manmohan Singh come up with another version.
There are various accounts of the 1984 massacres too. Witnesses blame Jagdish Tytler and his colleagues in Congress(I), Congress(I) leaders claim they weren't behind the genocides, alleged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh claims that the actual perpetrators of the genocide were not responsible for the genocide but that Hindus were responsible for it, and if Rajiv Gandhi's spirit spoke to us, we would be told (as seen in
this scanned image of a news item from 1984) that it is all okay because the earth shakes whenever a big tree falls.

Dhimmi Watch According to Government of India, over a period of three years, it gave out doles worth 120 million US dollars to Muslims going on the Haj pilgrimage, while it spent a paltry $98,000 on infidel Hindus going on the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. Thus the requirement of treating Hindus as second-rate citizens wasn't violated. This is apart from the Jizya charged to infidel Hindus.

Chinese government seeks solutions to reduce income gap Experts have warned that there is inequality in scientific socialism, and that China's "growing income gap is likely to trigger social instability after 2010 if the government finds no effective solutions to end the disparity." Looks like Chailman Mao's Levolution hasn't helped.
The Chinese Communists seem to have developed an interesting color coded scheme to predict income disparity trends. Now lights can be used to predict such trends!
The team, headed by Su Hainan, president of the ministry's Income Research Institute, has used "blue-, green-, yellow- and red-lights" to predict income disparity trends. The yellow light warns the government to be alert and the red one means the disparity is totally unacceptable. Here is a simple solution, just like they do it in Red China: shoot the official who leaked this report, turn on the switch for the blue light and turn off the other lights, announce that there is no disparity, and it was all an imperialist conspiracy to begin with. Another solution that can really bring down the disparity: reduce the number of lashes for those who get more of them in their laogai.

Naxalite supporters change information after website expose!

Following an expose on, data in WHOIS database that keeps track of website registrants suddenly changed! The database originally had complete details about owning, the website of the Naxalite group Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Liberation, which calls for an "armed revolution."
Alternatives is funded by the Canadian government. Effectively, this makes the Canadian government the sponsors of an armed revolution.

Muslims call for praying to Kalki!

According to 'ISLAMIC PERSPECTIVES' in the Islamic magazine Milli Gazette, Vishnu's tenth avatar, Kalki, was actually none other than Mohammed! A temple for a previous incarnation of Kalki (PBUH) stood at the "disputed" land at Ayodhya before it was replaced by a place of worship where people prayed to Kalki (PBUH).

Thursday, September 01, 2005

A Call to be Vedic Ambassadorsby Stephen Knapp

Came across this on one of the mailing lists I lurk in - Any thoughts ?? I have come across Stephan Knapp's book. He seems far fetched.

A Call to be Vedic Ambassadorsby Stephen Knapp

Now is the time when there is a growing need for what could becalled Vedic Ambassadors, those who can represent and show thebenefits of what the Vedic culture has to offer. In this age, whenthere is a concern for preserving, protecting and disseminating Vedicculture and its vast knowledge on all aspects of life, there is agreat need for those who follow Sanatana-Dharma or Hinduism to beVedic Ambassadors, or those who can fairly and accurately representthe Dharma. As we see society entering various states of confusion andanxiety over the circumstances that are happening all around theplanet, the need for deeper spiritual understanding is obvious. Thus,there is a calling for Vedic Ambassadors who can assist in thisway.

But how can we be Vedic Ambassadors? What are the requirements? To be a Vedic Ambassador is very easy. However, there are a fewthings to keep in mind to be one. First of all, to be an Ambassador ofVedic culture, one must know the culture and realize how dynamic itremains in its ability to assist humanity. Therefore, one must beeducated in understanding what it is and the reasons for the differentavenues of study it contains, such as in Ayurveda, Jyotish (Vedicastrology), Vastu (the means of arranging the space of one's home oroffice), the Vedic rituals and legends, and especially yoga andsadhana or spiritual practice and philosophy. There is a growingnumber of people in the West who are especially curious on theways of making more personal spiritual development and often look tothe Eastern philosophy for assistance. Thus, if you practice Hinduismor an aspect of Vedic culture, then as a Vedic Ambassador you shouldalso be educated enough to assist others with proper advice when theopportunity arises. You should be able to explain what Vedic cultureis and how it is a universal Truth that anyone can utilize, and atleast little about what that Truth contains.

This leads to the next point on being a Vedic Ambassador. AnAmbassador for Vedic culture is also one who can show others how he orshe has benefitted from Vedic culture, and what it has done for him orher. All it takes is to share from your own personal experience any ofthe ways that Vedic culture has improved or made a difference in yourown life, both materially or spiritually. This means to show how theVedic wisdom has assisted in your search for Truth, search orconnection with God, in finding your spiritual identity, or to see thespiritual similarities we share with all other beings. Or how Vedicculture has helped you in finding where you fit into this universe andwhat is the aim of life. Or how Vedic culture has helped improveyour moral standards and view of compassion for others. These are justa few of the ways we can share the means by which following Vedicculture has improved our existence or made a difference in ourapproach to life. It does not take much to personally share with thosewe may meet these aspects of what Vedic culture has done for us.

The next step in being an Ambassador of Vedic culture is that youshould also assist those who are sincerely interested and want tofurther their investigation of the Dharma. There will naturally besome who will want to investigate Vedic culture for themselves,especially after being impressed or convinced by what you have sharedwith them about it. So you should be able to share the Dharma withthem and empower them to begin following it. This may includevarious ways of directing them so they can further their own educationabout it or begin their own practice of it. This may be nothing morethan suggesting various books they may find useful or beneficial forthem to read, or which web sites may be good to visit. Or it mayinclude instructions on how they can find a temple so they can startunderstanding the temple practice of Vedic sadhana. Or how to begintheir study of basic Vedic scripture so they can increase theirunderstanding of what it has to offer and how to apply it in theirlives. Thus, they become empowered to continue their own practice ofit in a natural way.

The next step in being a Vedic Ambassador is to work togetherwith other Dharmic friends who share the same concern for protectingand sharing the Dharma. This means to encourage others in their ownpractice and understanding of the Dharmic culture, or even to acceptthe idea of being a Vedic Ambassador. Then work together to develop anetwork in which everyone shares with others a greater understandingof what is actually Vedic culture and what it can do for society. Thisdoes not mean that it becomes a plan for converting those who may notbe interested, but it is to assist society in the same way that Vedicculture has always tried to guide humanity for a better and improvedunderstanding of life. This is also the way to help establish an idealglobal Dharmic family who share mutual respect for all. In this way, Vedic Ambassadors can work together to protect andpreserve the Dharma and disseminate its benefits throughout society.

Thus, in summary, Vedic Ambassadors should be educated in theirculture, show others how it has helped them, assist others who want toknow more about it or who want to begin practicing it themselves, andalso network with other Dharmists in these matters to devise plans tofurther this work. Thus, with the help of such simple yet bold VedicAmbassadors, the culture will not only remain strong but will increasein its influence and the ways it can provide assistance to allhumanity, which was the reason why it was originally given to societyby the Supreme and passed along by the great Vedic rishis andseers. By engaging ourselves in this way, we also enter the line ofgreat rishis by doing our part in assisting their endeavor to passalong this knowledge and culture for the benefit of everyone.